Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall In the Smokies

Still enjoying our time off, we have been traveling around town and enjoying the sites along with a bit of shopping.  The trees don't have a lot of their glorious fall color yet, but you can definetly determine the season from all the outdoor decor being dressed about the town. 

A black bear made from round hay bales.

Lots of big, beautiful bright orange pumpkins.

We had the pleasure of attending a Mountain Wedding.

Lots and lots of scarecrows are in town visiting.

A monsterously huge pumpkin and crows.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out and About At The End Of September

Mike and I are taking a few days off to kick around and relax.  We began our sabbatical yesterday with a good hearty know where:

Then, it was off to our favorite go-to vacation spot for a few days of nothing but rest, rest and rest....with maybe a few good meals and fun thrown in....but mostly, rest.

The new movie theater at Walden's Landing is not yet complete even though it is slated for an early fall opening.  This will be a six plex and I think there are plans to increse it to an 11 plex at some time in the future. 

There is a new gourmet popcorn shop across from the theatre.  Mike tried the Peanut butter and chocolate popcorn and declared it a keeper. 

They have some cute packaging ideas along with the normal tins of popcorn in differant sizes.  The owner asked me if I was a Spy, when I took a picture and I assured her that I did not yet have my Spy Licence, so was just taking a picture to let folks know about the new shop on my blog.   She was very nice and offered several samples to indulge ....I like the old standard in popcorn...butter or kettle corn and sometimes a litte caramel corn.  I'm not too crazy about all the concoctions like cranberry popcorn, chocolate and popcorn, strawberry popcorn and the like. 

We had a homestyle dinner at the Old Mill and then walked around to take some pictures...the water is a little high coming over the Dam due to the rain that has been coming down all day. 

I love this cute little Halloween themed bolster pillow that I saw in a shop window. 

Little Ms Pothead is sitting under the Gazebo trying to stay dry.  We had so much fun walking around in the rain and checking out all the shops. 

I love this fall village scene from Dept 56 Snow Village....Crazy Cal's Kettle Corn cracks me up...this little cutie might be coming home with me. 

Is this not the cutest thing....Dept 56 has created a village around the Christmas Story movies.  Check out the leg lamp just polishes off the whole scene.  Love it.

A few years ago, Dept 56 created some Disney themed pieces and then discontinued them...I don't remember if they were a seperate village line or part of one already established but coming this fall is a new line called Mickey and Minnie's Christmas Village.

I love this idea of displaying the Tree House in a tire swing.  The people at the Christmas Place are so creative in their displays.  I could spend all day in the Village room, just looking around.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall 2010 Cloche Party

One of the great things about decorating, is that you can use items in differant ways.  This hurricane is one of the most versatile pieces I have...I have a set of two and use them for their original and intended purpose most of the time.  But......

What makes these particular pieces versatile is the fact that they can be inverted and used as cloches for display on the bottom and then a traditional candle on top...or, as I have done here, for a differant purpose entirely.  Here, I have added a Halloween candle in the bottom.

A little spanish moss in the area where I would normally seat a candle.  Add a ribbon.

Top it off with a pumpkin or cute bowl. about these guys.  They make for a very spooky duo that can be used to add a little drama and creepiness to your decor.

Traditional fall decor with some cloches to add height and a little extra interest.

Mr. Scarecrow is guarding the pumpkin patch today. 

I created this display and currently have it on the end of my desk in the office.  I will be looking for a more permanent home for the season, but wanted to share for now.

One of the reasons that I love cloches is the ability to use them to top so many things.  You are not limited to plates or pedestal plates.  I used my Jack-O-Lantern bowl, set on a black pedestal and filled with with dish towels.  Using rimmed bowls to top with cloches is another option...just make sure that  your cloche has a good solid fit and is not too large or small or you can be assured of an accident just waiting to happen.

I normally hate mice, but have to admit to loving these little guys.  Want to join them for dinner?

 An apothecary jar, set upside down on a plate placed on a metal display stand creates just the right stand for a pumpkin.  Add some rafia and a scarecrow and you have a great centerpiece for a tablesetting. 

I've had a great time joining Marty's Fall Cloche Party.  I am hoping to visit everyone this weekend and you can expect comments as I enjoy all your pretties.  Please visit Marty at A Stroll Thru Life to see all the wonderful cloches and displays presented.  Please be sure and comment so that folks will know you were there and I know they will appreciate your visit.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boo To You!!

I know it is a bit early, but to get you in the mood in case you are crafting and preparing your Halloween decor.  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade at Disneyworld. 

Anyone planning on attending the party this year....what is your favorite thing to do during the party?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall In The Entry and Chalk Ink Messages

I'll start in the entryway with my fall decor this year.  Just a simple arrangement - Sunflower platter on a stand, a tray filled with a garland of fall leaves some pumpkins and gourds and two cute little birds.

A fall message on the entry mirror...very simple using Chalk Ink.  Tip: Don't hang until the ink is dry to avoid runs.  Chalk Ink is so versatile...I use it for all my chalkboards for the vibrant colors and it works easily on mirrors and glassware. 

I've got to kick it in gear next week to get my fall decor out and then about a week later, I'll start my Halloween decorations.  I absolutely love this time of year and one of my favorite times to decorate...I love the muted tones of fall and the deeper hues of red, orange and gold. 

I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Through Life for Tabletop Tuesday.  Please visit with Marty and join in the party.   Don't forget her Fall Cloche Party on Friday.  Hope to see you there.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tips For Throwing Together A Last Minute Buffet With Tasty Results

It was football time in Tennessee on Saturday and hubby decided a few hours before the ballgame that he would like to have some folks over.  No need to panic when there are so many ready made ingredients out there that can be whipped into a tasty football buffet with little time and trouble. 

Tyson makes several flavors of ready made wings...we had hot wings after about 22 mins in the oven.  Popcorn chicken for the kiddies. 

Ham sandwiches made from a Kentucky Pride sliced ham, heated in the crockpot and sandwiched between some yummy fresh Sara Lee rolls from the bread aisle.  Slice up some fixings and you are ready to go.

Tex Mex Stew is easy to put together and tastes great with purchased tortilla chips.  You can find the recipe here.

Open some chips up and sit them in a big old bowl so your folks can just ram them arm in and pull our a handful.  I purchased this huge bowl for holding chips at my Halloween Party, but it also just happens to be the Vols team colors, as well)

Dessert is easily solved with a big bowl of candy and a plate of doughnuts. 

There you have a quick, fast buffet and not a single complaint.  Remember that you don't have to stress through preparing party foods...with a little thought and a trip to the local Walmart, you'll be the best cook around in no time. 

Hope you had a great weekend.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Bling

I recently reorganized my China Cabinet and moved some of my silver items to display. 

I love the way the light makes the silver sparkle. 

You can never have too much good bling.

I love this silver coffee scoop that I found on eBay last year.

And my crystal pineapple salt and pepper...can't remember where I found them.

I love beautiful things and can make a collection out of just about anything.  I could sit and look at something beautiful all day and be totally entertained.  I'm glad that God has blessed me with the ability to see and appreciate beauty and I'll admit that I can find it anywhere.  My home is important to me and I want it to be welcoming and inviting.  I do love the items that I have collected over the years that I have been allowed to grace this life and am thankful for each and every one. 

Quick Announcement - Cracker Barrel is having a Porch Sale today through Sunday, so if you have had your eye on a Cracker Barrel rocker, check your favorite location...they might have some marked down 50% as that is one of the mainstays of their Porch sales...but you have to get there quick.

I'm joining the following parties.  Please click on the links below and visit with each of these beautiful ladies and their guests. 

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