Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010 - Already A Memory

I know I have made this statement before, but I sure wish time would slow down a bit.  From now until Christmas, it will be a roller coaster ride, so we better hold on tight.  We celebrated Halloween by trick or treating with the Grandbabes on Saturday per our usual custom, we took our convoy into the night stopping at a few homes of family and friends before circling back to our home for dinner and a movie with the kids.  This year, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and watched How To Train Your Dragon.  Lexi was sick most of the morning, but she felt better and was able to go trick or treating with us and this was Braeden's first year. 

Here are my pumpkins, all dressed up and ready to trick or treat.  We pretty much have the fantasy world covered here with a Pink Cowgirl complete with her horse, a Golfer, Batman and The Blue Ninja.  Notice that my little golfer has lost one of his shoes and his hat, already and he is looking pretty serious about it.

Here is a picture of our convoy at one of the stops along the way....everyone is loading back up for the next stop.

Trick or Treating is thirsty work....break time is necessary for one member of the convoy.

The Pink Cowgirl had to borrow a neighbor's bathroom along with her trick or treat.  You can see the neighbor handing her the treat now that she has taken care of business.

The treat buckets are already getting full and heavy, after only a couple of stops...even with the inpromptu candy diving that was taking place between stops.

Happy faces...that's what it's all about!!

Hope everyone got lots of treats and minimal tricks!

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