Friday, January 23, 2009

Captain Jack and Will

Aldie wanted to watch Pirates of the Carribean tonight. He doesn't watch the whole movie, just the swordfight in the blacksmith shop. We play this part over and over as he jumps from couch to floor, hopping around and swordfighting along with the two 'pirates'. It is great to watch....who needs movies when you have someone to act them out...great action scenes, let me tell you.

Here is my own little Captain Jack Sparrow

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

HGTV Dreamhome 2009 Giveaway

The 2009 HGTV dreamhome in Sonoma, California is stunning. You can enter everyday through February 19th at, for a chance to takes about 2 mins and hey, you have a chance to win this beautiful home.

Master Bath

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frosty Days

This time of year, with the frosty temperatures outside, I feel like creating and making changes in my home. Unfortunately, I work full time and find that by the time the evening rolls around and I've finished fixing dinner and clean-up, there is not a lot of time for anything else. My solution, do something small like work on a scrapbook page or a card...or jump under a nice soft blanket and watch a, we're talking.
I have some work backed up from a large volume of phone calls this week, so I had to forget the blanket but, I'm working on a spreadsheet and watching National Treasure 2. I find that if I have a movie playing in the background that I have watched before and I'm working on the computer, everything flows very nicely and it hardly seems like working at all. A nice way to pass the time.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Scrapbooking

Had a lot of fun scrapbooking at Connie's yesterday. I did not get a lot done, but then again I never do when we get together...there's talking and catching up, playing with the grandbabes, getting everything out and organized....and a little bit of actual scrapbooking. But it's all good !!

Had some tasty soup for lunch.

It even snowed for a little the south, this is what we mean when we say, "It's beginning to lay." Alas, it was not meant to be and this is about all that ended up on the ground. Can you find the snowflakes??

The GB's enjoyed themselves as did the rest of us....happy faces make me smile !

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Office

I have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home for almost 5 years, time has flown by. I've worked hard to make my office comfortable and a place I can be in all day without going bonkers. I'm currently in the market for a new desk chair....mine is showing some age and is not as comfortable as it used to be. You might notice that I reaaaalllly want to go to Egypt one day - visit the pyramids, float on the Nile, visit Karnak and on and on........Until then, I have my Mummy friend to keep me company!!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

I want the horse and the farm !!

I have often talked about getting another horse and am really missing having one at this moment....I love horses and would love to go out and ride anytime I feel like it....with that in mind, I am reaching out in fantasy land (after my lottery win....I don't have any wealthy relatives, so can't rule that one in) with some ideas....I want....I want....I want

Here is my home and barn as you drive up to visit:

One of my many mares with her colt:

A closer view of the barn:

Come back and visit anytime....we'll go for a ride next time.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Visitors

For the first time in a long time, Mike and I were not visited by our daughters and family today....usually, we have a house full for most of the day. I used the time to work on a project that I have been thinking about for a while...painting my office credenza table black. The existing finish has been in bad shape for quite some time...the table came from Mike's Moms basement several years ago. I wanted to try black because there are some beautiful pictures on the Web of differant furniture pieces that have been painted black. The color gives the pieces a new look and sophistication.
I put on three light coats and it really turned out great....I forgot to take a before picture, but will post a picture of the after....The replacement drawer pull I bought (I forgot to take my template) does not fit, so Mike is going to pick up one tomorrow, that will fit the existing drill holes. I plan to line the drawer with scrapbook paper. Will post a pic soon.
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Raider of the Treasure Chest

I have a couple locations where I have stashed some of my movie collectibles....mainly character figures. I refer to the locations as my Treasure Chest....which of course, Alden is well aware of.....every so often, he will ask to get in the Treasure Chest, which results in the opening of at least one of the 'toys'. At this time, my collectibles , become OUR toys. The latest victims, are Pirate's of the Carribean - Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow - Alden negotiated the release of both these Pirates, because he needed both so they could sword fight.

Happy Face and Victory

Will and Captain Jack in their plastic bubbles, before entry into the real world

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great Escape

Watched a good movie tonight from my download collection....Eagle Eye with Shia LeBeouf....I am really loving his movies....Indiana Jones (of course), Transformers and Disturbia....and from his younger days - Holes. Disturbia is a remake of an old Alfred Hitchcock film and was a really good suspense thiller...well cast and the acting was great.

Eagle Eye is another movie that Mr. LeBeouf again provides a superb performance...what a cutie...check it out!

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Dot Photo Goodness

How much fun is it to receive a package of can always view the digital photos online and that is great, but there is something about actually touching the photo that makes me smile.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Always do something new

Every year, as part of the resolution process, I try to do something new and/or differant...this year, I'm creating a blog to post my thoughts and share ideas with old friends and new. I've tried blogging once before and found my ability to provide frequent updates ....well, not so much. So here we go with a new year and a new blog....hope you find something noteworthy 95% of the time and boring, only 5%.
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