Sunday, April 25, 2010

Extra Dish Storage - Sunday Favorites

I'm joining Chari at Happy To Design, who is celebrating her one year birthday with the 52nd Sunday Favorites.  Please join Chari's party by clicking here to see various participant updates from all over blogland.  Chari is also having a great giveaway, so be sure and visit her and check it out.  I'm adding a repost from January 25, 2010 with an alternative to traditional dish storage.

If you have 'dish' love, you probably also have dish storage issues. I have a hall closet full of display items - candleholders, glassware, flatware, etc - and my China Cabinet and buffet server are crammed full so I needed some other options. While I ponder what other closet I can take over, I am using hat boxes to store some of my chargers, plates and salad plates.
I purchase my boxes from Hobby Lobby when they are 50%, which is about every other week. The differant size boxes range in price for 4.99 to 7.49, so at 50% off this is a very reasonable storage alternative. These boxes are just the right sizes for my chargers and plates...the salad plates are a litte small in diameter based upon the smallest box size, so I just stuff empty plastic bags around them so they do not shift as I am moving the boxes around. Use sheets of bubble wrap or tissue between the dishes and stack them inside the containers. Just measure your charger and plates and when you get to HL, pick up the corresponding size....I will probably keep my items stored in these boxes even when I move them to a closet, as this gives the dishes extra protection.

This 14 inch box gives me plenty of room to store ten 9 inch plates...I could use the smaller 10 inch box, but I like having more room around the edges which makes getting the plates out a lot easier.

Just stack the boxes in an empty corner and they provide storage and look good.

You can even use the boxes as a display pedestal.

I keep an inventory list on my computer of all my tabletop display items, plates, flatware, etc along with the date and place I bought the item and any branding or other descriptors (ex. if I buy a silver piece from an Antique shop and it provides the name of the item or a date, I keep that on my list since it is not marked directly on the item). I also add a picture of the item and the quantity. When I need something, I know exactly where it is and how many I have etc. You could also label each of the boxes by using a tag on a string and just tape the string to the inside of the box and let the tag show underneath the could turn the box so the tag is in the corner and not showing, if using as a display in your room.

I hope this idea helps with some of your storage needs, it has certainly helped me with some much needed clean-up and organization.
All The Best
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Old Dog is Definetly Trying New Tricks

Ok, it has come time to admit a few things...I'm getting old, even though I'm fighting against it and for the first time in my life, I am on a consistent daily perscription medication.....and it's time to get serious about losing weight and being more active.  I refuse to be on blood pressure medication and intend to get off it as soon as possible.  I talked to my Dr. and she suggested that I work with a Nutritionist.  I met with him last week and we talked about Quality of Life...many of us are living every day, but are we living the way we want to....what do we want to be able to do vs what we actually do...Food for thought.  For me, it is not being medicated and being able to play with my Grandbabes by crawling around on the floor and camping in a tent without my nice comfy bed, when needed.  I don't intend to be a passive Jammi - I want to be in the trenches with the little beasts, so to speak. 

My nutritionist is working with me to help me with my picky eater syndrome...I eat all the wrong things, but thankfully, I'm not as bad as I could be.  I am not a big soft drink fan and I am not a big portion eater, so believe it or not, that is extremely helpful.  Right now, we are concentrating on two things - eating 4 times daily.....Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner - and exercising 15-30 minutes daily.  The most important thing in setting an exercise routine is to establish a specific time daily and stick to the time set.  Right now, my time is early morning before I start my day and that is working well for me...I'm not consistent yet, but working on it. 

Any tips on how you keep your committment to be active every day?  Anyone else finding that current Quality of Life is not acceptable?  If so, lets grab up the headband and get in shape like Rambo...instead of camo green, how about a beautiful bright apple green??

All The Best,
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Party Trends

When party planning and searching for ideas, be sure to include wedding receptions.  Most of the great general party trends are adapted from weddings, including decorations and food service.  The Food Station is an example of a trend that is used in weddings and has been adapted and expanded to include a limitless number of possibilities.  The Food Station works around a theme, for example Seafood or Dessert, rather than a setup that includes all items placed together in buffet style. 

A fun idea for a reunion would be to have the normal buffet service setup for the adults, but include a Food Station specific to the children with food items they would appreciate - pizza, chicken fries and chicken nuggets, individual servings of mac and cheese or pasta salad, etc. 

How about a grilled corn station with various toppings supplied - flavored butter, parmesan cheese, etc.  This would be great for a picnic setup, pool party or reunion.

Crudite anyone...doesn't this display outshine your veggies laying on a round plastic tray.  Much more appealing when displayed in these goblets.

Or how about individual servings alreay prepped for your guest with ranch dressing or an herbed cheese dip in the bottom of the cup.  Veggie shooters.

Here is one that is more unusual but I think this might be an idea for one of my upcoming parties.  Chicken and waffles, fork included, which makes it a definite finger food opportunity.

A frozen cocktail bar sounds yummy and the oranges under the mirrored tray makes the display pop.  Pina Colada, Fruity punch and Daquiris

What can be easier or more delicious than a doughnut bar.  No mess, no time and I guarantee that you won't have any complaints.  Here are some cute ways to display and serve.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Apologies For My Break

I cannot believe how fast time passes...I took a break while working through some minor health issues and did not realize that a whole month has passed since my last blog.  Obviously, I am a horrible gauger of time.  I have just been feeling extremely fatigued and not quite myself lately and did not have the left over energy to keep up with everything.  Thanks for your comments of concern.  I will be trying to catch up this week and will try to post at least a couple times.  I have missed you all and hope to make up for being gone so long. 
All The Best,
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