Thursday, April 22, 2010

Party Trends

When party planning and searching for ideas, be sure to include wedding receptions.  Most of the great general party trends are adapted from weddings, including decorations and food service.  The Food Station is an example of a trend that is used in weddings and has been adapted and expanded to include a limitless number of possibilities.  The Food Station works around a theme, for example Seafood or Dessert, rather than a setup that includes all items placed together in buffet style. 

A fun idea for a reunion would be to have the normal buffet service setup for the adults, but include a Food Station specific to the children with food items they would appreciate - pizza, chicken fries and chicken nuggets, individual servings of mac and cheese or pasta salad, etc. 

How about a grilled corn station with various toppings supplied - flavored butter, parmesan cheese, etc.  This would be great for a picnic setup, pool party or reunion.

Crudite anyone...doesn't this display outshine your veggies laying on a round plastic tray.  Much more appealing when displayed in these goblets.

Or how about individual servings alreay prepped for your guest with ranch dressing or an herbed cheese dip in the bottom of the cup.  Veggie shooters.

Here is one that is more unusual but I think this might be an idea for one of my upcoming parties.  Chicken and waffles, fork included, which makes it a definite finger food opportunity.

A frozen cocktail bar sounds yummy and the oranges under the mirrored tray makes the display pop.  Pina Colada, Fruity punch and Daquiris

What can be easier or more delicious than a doughnut bar.  No mess, no time and I guarantee that you won't have any complaints.  Here are some cute ways to display and serve.

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southerninspiration said...

Hey Anita, I've missed you...between your break and mine, I haven't visited you in some time....and I am so glad to be back to your blog. What GREAT ideas you have today. I love them, and what fun they would bring to parties!!! Thanks for the good ideas!


Anonymous said...

Love all your idea photos. I love to have people over and I'm always looking for creative ways to serve and decorate.

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...long time no see! Good to hear from you...loved all the ideas here, I am getting ready to do a baby shower for my daughter, looking for ideas. :D

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Something is wrong with my comment section and once approved, the comments are disappearing like I rejected them. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem today, but if you have commented and your comment is not showing up I apologize but I was able to read each one before they disappeared. Blogger is punishing me for being neglectful for so long...bad me, good blogger. Maybe that will help.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'd be thrilled to find any one of these ideas at a party! Yum!

Joan said...

Those veggies look fabulous in those clear goblets and square containers! I could just reach right into the screen and serve myself. Great pics!

Theresa said...

OH I love all of these gorgeous displays, doughnut display... my favorite. And hey, what about those oranges under that glass-brilliant! Have a blessed day my friend!