Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cloche Party With Our Marty

It's time for a Cloche Party with our host Marty...that so rhymes!!  Love me a party and love me some cloches, so here are my offerings for this party season.  Hope you enjoy!

Dual Glassy Beauties, lined up and decked out in green goodness.

Fler De Lis is always a classic and just that much more lovely under glass.

Living Room Vignette that you might already have seen but thought I would post again in case you missed it.  I love my white artichoke.  The Bee cloche is my first and favorite.  I found it at a yard sale for one dollar.  I consider it one of my best finds.

I found this huge cloche at Home Goods a few months ago.  It is a mammoth at 15 inches tall and measures 12 inches across. 

Edited to add note: As I am now viewing my post to ensure it looks as I expected...I find that the lovely Titanic book still has the sales sticker on it...color me red and just close your left eye so you don't see that. 

My collection of pastry stands filled with this and that for a welcoming display on the dining table.

I found this cute little metal bird on a rock at Cracker Barrel last fall...he has a brother around here somewhere.

You can't have a cloche without a chicken ( I just made that up) so here is my required chicken shot.

Please visit Marty at A Stroll Thru Life and bask in Cloche Heaven on Earth.  Come back and visit anytime. 

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