Sunday, February 8, 2009

Decorating Goodness

Mom and I went shopping on Saturday and I found some really good buys that I could not resist. Loved the shape of the shade on this accent lamp, and the price at Kirklands was too good to turn down. It has found the perfect place on the credenza table in my office.

For the kitchen, I found two chef plaques at 50% off at HomeGoods....I placed one on top of the refrigerator...still trying to determine the best place for the other.

These two prints were $3.oo each at HomeGoods...I love the old world feel they have.

I bought some greenery and a beautiful mosaic vase....I plan to put the arrangement together sometime this week and will probably use it in the office. Also picked up a set of suitcases that I have to decide where to place.

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