Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country Living Halloween Idea Book

I made a quick trip to Lowe's this evening, to pick up some paint for a couple of cute chairs that I found at Goodwill and a few other things for my in progress kitchen project....and I found this:

Being a sucker for Halloween, the orange and black caught my eye as soon as I entered. The book was sealed in plastic, so I could not flip through the pages, but I knew I was going to buy it anyway and add to my existing Halloween idea books, so in the buggy it went.

I didn't even notice until I got home and ripped off the plastic that I also get a free one year subscription to Country Living magazine...whoopee, I love those kinds of surprises.

If you are interested in Halloween decorating, I would suggest this book as it has some cute ideas as well as party and recipe ideas. I love these pumpkins carved like pineapples and displayed on the fence Gateposts.

I've made a note on my trusty 'list' notebook to purchase some leaf candy molds to make some of these cute butter pats for Thanksgiving. Does anyone else have a little notebook filled with lists and drawings? Mine goes with me everywhere.

Very cute pumpkins carved with flames and displayed in the fireplace. This would be a cute fall decoration and unique conversation started. Your guest are sure to notice this idea.

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southerninspiration said...

Cute pumpkin ideas, Anita....no, I don't have a notebook, but what a great idea!!! I look forward to your fall posts to see what you do from your book!!!