Friday, May 29, 2009

Secret Agent Babes

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Going Green

Going green is all the rage these days...and I like to think that I do my part, although I know that I could do more. My husband has been dropping, not too subtle hints that I should change vehicles...but I waited too long for a Suburban, and I have no desire to change. As long as I can still put enough gas in to get from point A to point B, the Burber will be hanging in there with me.

Hubby's latest subtle hint:

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh To Be Nancy Drew

I'm not sure what I have always found most interesting about Nancy Drew...perhaps it was her independence and that her Dad trusted her and gave her a lot of room to just be herself....or maybe it was the fact that she faced danger with reckless abandon, although in a very ladylike manner....or it could be that she used her intellegence to figure out mysteries that seemed to be beyond the grasp of the everyday adult. Certainly finding and traversing hidden passageways in dilapidated and abandoned houses was and still is a definite draw for me. I suppose it was a combination of all these things that appeal to me, even today. I still love to pick up a Nancy Drew mystery, when I want a little quick and uncomplicated pick me up.

As part of my limited Nancy Drew collection, I have some older Nancy Drew books, the Lost Files of Nancy Drew, a couple Nancy Drew computer games and the recent movie with Emma Roberts. When Lexi is old enough, I will make sure that she appreciates Nancy Drew as well.

Emma Roberts plays a good Nancy Drew and it is cute how she is kind of old fashioned and retro, but still kind of fits in the modern world...and I love her messenger bag, filled with the essentials that every good detective needs....notebook, flashlight, grappling hook, and of course snack containers with lots of yummy goodness to entice bad guys and get her way with goverment employees.

Young Indiana Jones meets Nancy Stratemeyer on one of his adventures, which is supposed to be Nancy Drew and is a play on the last name of the man who created Nancy. It is a cute episode. All this Nancy exposure just goes to show that if she's good enough for Lucas and Indiana Jones, she's good enough for anyone.

Take some downtime and enjoy a rousing, uncomplicated date with one of the books, play a Game or flip through her scrapbook and definetly watch the movie, if you haven't already and even if you have, watch it again. Lay aside your "I'm a grown up and this is silly and juvenile and I just don't enjoy it". If you shove aside the adult walls, you'll find that you feel a few years younger and more carefree, at least for a little while and that's always worth the trip. Besides, if more of us embraced our inner child, we would have a much better time dealing with day to day life. Don't take yourself too seriously, have fun, be silly and enjoy some of the things you enjoyed as a child or a teenager.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Precious Laughter

I can't think of anything that makes me feel like I've accomplished something and have a purpose in this life, as much as when I hear my babies laughter. There is something so musical and magical about a childs giggle and enjoyment of life. So many things can set them off - a tickle, a funny face, racing them down the hall. Hearing this sound is the most precious thing in the world and I thank God everyday that I have the honor of having three of the sweetest and most precious Angel's imaginable.

Days get hectic with work and life pressures, so take a deep breath and hunt up one of your children or Grandchildren and just ENJOY them for a little'll be all the better for it.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with my family. My two daughter's, who are Mother's too, enjoyed the day along with me. We spent the entire day with our family, and way too much food.

We were up early and had brunch at O'Charley' was delicious and fun.

We enjoyed a cookout at Mom's later in the day, as well. Hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken.

My brother brought his mini horse for the babies to enjoy and we played with the wagon and had Nerf Wars in the yard.

Family time is always the best...whether it's a special day for Mother's or not...everyday is Mother's Day.
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