Monday, August 31, 2009

Putting August To Bed

I've been a bad blogger this month. I've just noticed that I have only posted 6 times for the entire month. There are reasons, really...I've been sick on and off for most of the month and have been visiting the Dr to try and figure out what is wrong with the old machine....Work has been very hectic....painting my kitchen cabinets.....and for the past two weeks, my computer is trying to die and I have not been logging on as much as normal. Wow, quite a laundry list, and here is hoping that September is a much better month all the way around.
I'm working on a quick DIY project for my planters that I am going to share shortly and I think everyone will find very helpful. I have two large planters that I found at Lowes a few months ago ...originally, they were $99 and I got them for $25 each. I switched them with some smaller ones that I had on the front porch. I'm a faux girl....that's just the way I roll....I would love to say I'm a great gardener and I plant lovely arrangements, but I like to use my limited free time in pursuit of other initiatives. I like to switch my decorating with the seasons and faux allows me to do that quickly and easily. Styrofoam can be a real mess and can get expensive for larger pieces, so I've been racking my brain for an alternative and I think I have found it. Stay tuned and I'll try to get the DIY post up later this week.

All the best,

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country Living Halloween Idea Book

I made a quick trip to Lowe's this evening, to pick up some paint for a couple of cute chairs that I found at Goodwill and a few other things for my in progress kitchen project....and I found this:

Being a sucker for Halloween, the orange and black caught my eye as soon as I entered. The book was sealed in plastic, so I could not flip through the pages, but I knew I was going to buy it anyway and add to my existing Halloween idea books, so in the buggy it went.

I didn't even notice until I got home and ripped off the plastic that I also get a free one year subscription to Country Living magazine...whoopee, I love those kinds of surprises.

If you are interested in Halloween decorating, I would suggest this book as it has some cute ideas as well as party and recipe ideas. I love these pumpkins carved like pineapples and displayed on the fence Gateposts.

I've made a note on my trusty 'list' notebook to purchase some leaf candy molds to make some of these cute butter pats for Thanksgiving. Does anyone else have a little notebook filled with lists and drawings? Mine goes with me everywhere.

Very cute pumpkins carved with flames and displayed in the fireplace. This would be a cute fall decoration and unique conversation started. Your guest are sure to notice this idea.

All the best,

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm About To Expose My Underwear and a Blog Friend Giveaway shout out

Ok, so I'm not about to expose my underwear. It is currently being used, but I am about to let you in on a big dark shameful secret....yes, I can see you leaning in and listening intently. Here it is

(Warning: If you have a heart condition please do not continue...please remove small children from the viewing area before proceeding...if you have medication for nausea, now is the time to take it)

Ok, you've been warned and you have had time to decide if you will proceed. Now let's see what you are really made of.

Scream...fall on the floor in disbelief and disqust....My eyes, my eyes, please someone poke them out now!!!

That's right. It's my kitchen, or more appropriately my dungeon....There has been a reason that you have never seen my kitchen on any of my posts. I spend a lot of time in this kitchen and it's all painful. I'm a cook. I love to cook but I HATE this kitchen, in case you don't get the picture, let me count the reasons:

  1. Ugly

  2. Outdated

  3. No counter space

  4. Dark

  5. Too small

  6. Galley kitchens are not for people who cook

  7. My countertops are green...ugly, ugly green

  8. Ugly

  9. Ugly

  10. Ugly

I am not in a position to enlarge my kitchen at this time and that is what is going to happen in the next 3-5 years or I'm going to walk. It's me or the kitchen. For now, I'm biting the bullet and doing a mini remodel. I work fulltime, so this is going to take me forever. Bear with me through this journey and hopefully, before Christmas, I'll have that wonderful all encompassing post that shows all is finished.

The Plan:

  • Paint the cabinets - add new trim In progress

  • Add new undercounter lighting In progress

  • Retile the backsplash

  • Paint the walls to compliment the new cabinet color

  • Install countertops

  • Install planking to the ceiling

  • Replace some appliances

  • Install shutters in the breakfast nook

Here is a little peak at my new and improved cabinets.

Much better.

Also wanted to make you aware of one of our blog friends who is celebrating one year of blogging and she has a great giveaway planned. Please visit Chari at Happy To Design and check out her great site while you are there.

All the best,

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Cream Plays with Brown And His Friend Green

I'm joining in the Tablescape Thursday party this week, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. There are some amazing tables put together each week by a lot of talented folks out there in BlogLand so be sure and drop by BNOTP to check out all the great tablesettings.

Choosing colors to combine is much like children playing on a playground....some play well together and some do not. I love the muted tones set by a brown and green color combination and with a pop of creamy white to set the stage.

I never realized how hard it is to get a full table shot of a large Dining table, so I've done the best I can.

I like doing full centerpieces with my tablescapes and really filling the area with differant items to provide an interesting focal point. This week, a Hemingway Hurricane vase and a footed Charleston Cake Plate from Southern Living at Home are filled with fruits and cheeses and complimented by a small Cupcake Cloche and florals in a silver compote and all resting on a glass mat and framed by two silver and glass candle holders.

The rattan chargers add contrast to the crisp ivory of the linen placemat and Gibson place setting.

Napkins are Harvest Melody and purchased at Marshalls. Burnished copper napkin rings are from Pier 1.

Love the sparkle of my Emerson Stemware from Southern Living at Home.

Flatware is Camden from Reed and Barton.

What's better than a warm crusty loaf of bread resting on a silver tray.

After-dinner coffee served from a white set found at a yard sale.

Hope you enjoyed and come back real soon, ya hear.

All the best,

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chillin and Spillin

I'm taking the rest of the week of work. I'm feeling the stress lately and it's time to be smooth and mellow....chill like a popsicle.....float like a boat.

I have a loose agenda....but my timeline belongs to me. Today, I have some items to pick up for some projects that I plan to do while I'm off. I'm also planning to do some shopping and maybe take in a movie. Ergo the money will probably take a wad this size today.

I'm currently sitting here smiling...not really concerned about what time I will leave to head to town....just smiling, because I am feeling my mellowness. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

All the best,

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Monday, August 10, 2009

World's Longest Yard Sale finds

This has just been a year of 1st's for me....first time to go on the longest yard sale route and first time to post on Rhoda's Thrify Monday. Thanks to Rhoda for hosting and check out the other great finds by visiting her here.

Mike and I started out early on Saturday morning and called it quits around noon as we had a birthday celebration for my oldest daughter, Tanesia coming up later in the day. We found a lot of cute items that were way overpriced - some of the folks apparently didn't get the memo about how to price yard sale items and thought they were stocking Macy's or something - and a lot of just plain junk that they should have been paying people to take with them...but along with all that, some really great items abounded.

Here's my stash:

This white porcelain coffee service was just too cute to pass up at $8.

I ran to this booth when I saw that they had some Dept 56....two retired North Pole Village pieces for $20....perfect condition.

A rooster.... Can't believe that I am really liking the roosters these days....when I was young, one chased me at my Granny's and I've hated the little booger's since.....I don't think this one can outrun me. He was just $3.

A Wilton cake pan in a Ghost shape....thinking ahead to my Halloween party, this will really come in handy. $3.

These were not 'true' yard sale items, but they have two of my favorite things, Fall/Halloween and I was drawn across the field and past several booths, straight to them. The lady was selling this large size for $50...these are really big and stand in at about 30" stacked....I talked her down to $35. She had some really cute ones that could be displayed every day, but I had to have these. Now that I have the set to see the mechanics, I will be making some myself of other designs. Left with a big Cheshire smile on my face.

We also bought a boxing set for the GB's for $2, and you can see that in the top picture. We actually live only a few miles from the yard sale route, and we lucked up with traffic as it was ll coming from the opposite direction. All in all I was very pleased with my haul, not to mention the quality time with hubby.

All the best,

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Look here, look there, I've posted Dinnerware

My apologies for my lack of posts this week. It has been crazy busy. I took a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains and stopped by the China and Gift Mart....thought I would share some dinnerware goodness with you. This place is eye candy out the ying yang....row upon row of dish envy.

As far as the eye can see, the shiny brightness of beautiful dinnerware.

The outdoor deer scenes on these plates remind me of Cades Cove and the nooks and valleys surrounding the Smoky Mountains.

I know we have a lot of rooster lovers out in blog land...and these plates are done up in a beautiful black and white with red accents....what's not to love??

We all love our 'set arounds' more feast for the eyes.


Loved this set of Holiday dishes....I think this will be an upcoming purchase.

I would have taken more pictures, but the ladies in the shop were beginning to gabble....I'm really not sure why taking pictures of some shops is frowed upon....These are not items that they created, so it's not like you are stealing their ideas or something...oh well, go for me and my camera...we trotted on until next time.

All the best,

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