Thursday, January 10, 2013

Face Painting

I will usually try anything that my family needs or wants.  A recent example, was a request by my  Granddaughter to do face painting at her birthday party.  I've painted other things in the past, flower pots, wood signs, hard could it be. Right?   I researched differant paints and differant designs on the Internet and ordered what I needed.  I used Wolfe and FX paints which seemed to have the best ratings and results overall.  A great site that I found for face painting tips and designs, was Lisa Joy Young.......  She does beautiful work and has very detailed videos that I found invaluable.
Work was really busy the week before the party, so I did not have time to do ANY practicing.  I had no idea how this was going to work.  Since the theme of the party was Monster High, I figured if worse came to worse, I could just make a mess and call it a Monster.  Kids are great, they see Piccaso in a Monster mess.   I set up a table and put all my supplies out in easy reach, along with baby wipes for cleanup of the snafus that I knew were inevitable.  I also had my laptop so that I could have a reference picture of the design I was painting.  Connor was my first victim, brave boy, and he decided on a green snake...relief and joy, that seemed pretty easy.

The first time I placed my brush on his little head, I thought 'Ok, this is not going to be too bad'.  And then, the paint started dripping along the brush stroke.  Whoops. I had the paint too wet.  Out came the baby wipes....I love baby wipes, they are like duct tape for women.  I cleaned him up and started again, after first testing the consistency on my hand.  Joy to the World, he sat very still and the snake turned out not half bad. I found that painting was not hard, but getting good outlines on a face is really, really difficult.  It won't win any awards, but to those kids it was amazing.  Snakes were very popular that day.

I started to gather an audience.  Everyone wanted to be next.  Rein it in kids, this takes a while.  Inexperience in action here.

I already knew that glitter makes everything better.  That includes face painting.

I don't know how many faces I actually painted that day, but I got everyone done within the scope of the party time and still got to see Lexi open presents.

I even had a couple adults get in on the fun.

It was a really fun thing to do.  I didn't poke anyone's eye out and I didn't have a dissatisfied customer.  What has your family asked you to do for entertainment sake, that you have not tried before?

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