Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Latest Obsession - Twilight

As much as I read and surf the internet, I somehow missed any mention of the Twilight series by author Stephenie Meyer, until now, and even though I frequently scan the Young Adult reading section at the bookstore, I was oblivious. I also missed that there was a movie, while it was available on the big screen. It is not like me to be so blind to both the reading and movie world, since I adore both. When I did become aware, last weekend, I was hooked....It happened suddenly with a download from my movie site, then as the story begins I found myself intrigued by the beautiful Cullen family.....the bond that starts slowly between Bella and Edward...the binding friendship with Jacob. This movie has everything - close family and friends that are supportive and present, no matter the difficulty...and there ARE difficulties....an unlikely romance between a charismatic, and dare we say totally handsome Vampire, and a clumsy but cute human who has more perils than Pauline, lots of cars and stunning scenery.

The movie made me aware of the book series and I have consumed them all over the past week. Stephenie Meyer has created a differant take on the Vampire and Werewolf mythology and has spun a delightful modern day fairytale. The story is a gentle blend or action, romance, mythology, family and friendship that will and has appealed to a varied audience. Check it out, you'll be glad you did...released to DVD on 3/21.
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