Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Want

  • To win the lottery grand prize and share it with my family so that we can all relax for the rest of our see my Mom's face when she realized that she could finally just blow some money and go shopping every week if that is what she wanted to do
  • To build a new home...huge, like it could have it's own zip code huge....with a Movie cave, a killer playroom, a mammoth master suite and huge kitchen
  • To wile away the rest of my time on this earth, doing what I want to do and not what I have to do
  • To have strong will power and self control...I'm one of the if I want to do it, I do it kind of people....if I want to eat it, I eat it...if I want to buy it, I buy it....I really need more self control
  • To spend as much time as I can, enjoying my family
  • To have my alone time, cause mesa gets a little ansy when I don't have my alone time
  • To spend the month of October at the Disney and Orlando theme parks...and without a doubt at least one night at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
  • To write a book....whether it stinks or actually do it
  • To collect more dishes, utensils, etc for table settings and entertaining
  • To have a place to display my movie collectibles, posters, etc
  • To have an indecently ordered room for Scrapbooking
  • To get back to sewing
  • To drive around in my Burber (Suburban) because it is so cool that I get frostbite everytime I look at it
  • To have time to just cook like a freaking fool...trying new recipes all the time
  • To have friends who just want to visit and hang out sometimes....I need some girl BFFs
  • To be able to anomymously help some people who are really pay some random people's hospital bills so they don't have to spend the rest of their life worrying about it
  • To feel like I'm just not complete unless I have exercised at least an hour every day
  • To love my family and be loved forever and ever
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southerninspiration said...

Hey this sounds like MY KIND of I wanna list!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog; I do hope you'll come back by! Thanks!