Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Susan Boyle

I am ashamed of myself. I've been hearing people say that there was a 40 year old woman who had gone onto the British equivalent of American Idol and had blown everyone away. I thought well good for her. I had some free time and I thought I'd go to You Tube and check her out.....and Wow. She walked on stage and you could tell she was nervous, she had this little saucy grin on her face and shot some smart mouth back at the judges. Even though I knew that she had amazed them, I still saw her walk on and it didn't register. Then she started to sing and I had goose bumps running up my arms....I started to cry....Oh my was so beautiful and not just her voice....she was completely transformed...her face softened and you could actually see her joy as she sang. I was so ashamed of myself because I immediately formed an opinion based upon her age and her looks and her attitude (she seemed very nervous when she came out)...and again, le me remind you that I had already heard that she did a great job. Shame, shame, shame on me......I hope she goes far. I will buy her first album, that's for sure.

I've read that she cared for her mother until a year of so ago, so if that is true it sounds like she has not had a lot of time to focus on herself. Forty seven unemployed and never been kissed she said, and she seems like the sweetest person. Thanks Susan and thank you God for these surprises that ground us and makes us better human beings.

The videos have all had the embedding disabled, probably due to the fact that combined they have had over 15mil hits. Wow. I've attached the link. If clicking does not work, just copy it into your browser.


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LMH said...

Wasn't that absolutely amazing? Everyone has gifts, right?
have a great day,