Thursday, June 24, 2010

My New Dippity Do

I was in desperate need of a new do, so I finally made it in to see my hair stylist, Raegan (seriously, I really do have a Stylist) .  She is such a miracle are my very clear and distinct instructions on what I wanted.  Me - " I don't know, but I definelty need something that works better for me than my current 'bush' hairsyle....just give me a blunt cut on the ends and a little bit of layering so that my hair has some body and does not lay flat on my head."  Pretty clear, right???

Raegan pulled out her wand and Wah Lah...did her magic.  She also covered up my gray (Just so be crytal clear, that only took one swipe of the color brush because I only have 3 gray hairs)...put in some highlights and waxed up my caveman brow to find two perfectly formed people brows. 

I am actually going to show you my picture now...please read the disclaimer and do not proceed, if you feel faint or nauseous.

Disclaimer -  In the spirit of open disclosure, I am going to display my picture.  Disregard the fact that my nose is crooked and one eye appears larger than the other, it's because I wear one contact.  Try to look past the pale skin and deep wrinkles.  If you feel any distress or discomfort, please remain calm and do not start to claw at your eyes.  Simply take a deep breath and click on the X at the top right of your screen.  The image will immediately disappear and your breathing will return to normal along with your stress level.  If you only feel slightly distressed after the first photo and feel you have control of your faculties and can continue, please proceed cautiously. 

A view from the side. 

Here is my Blue Steel look.  It's close to Zoolanders...right?

I would show you the before picture (Imagine Cousin It from The Adams Family but with darker hair) , but I really like you people. Why would I want you to start upchucking all over the place. Let's just leave well enough alone, shall we??

See, that wasn't so bad was it.  Now you know who you are dealing with on this blog.  Let's all climb out from behind our keyboards and show the world who the blog is out here.  Unleash your photo!!
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Shopping and Thursday Fitness Update - Week 6

I have a theory.  You can find a better selection of items at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Ross and Marshall's if you shop during the week rather than the weekend.  The past few times I have shopped, I have found  That is very disappointing to be looking for a cute little this or that and find a big Goose Egg.  Because I had a less than satisfactory day at work yesterday and because I wanted to test my theory, I went shopping and Ha!...proved myself right.  After leaving work and combined with the drive to the shops, I only had two hours before closing and here are the goodies that I found. 

A large and small white tray.....a beautiful cut glass cream polka dot bowl set....a white pitcher....a gorgeous pedestal cake plate...a green polka dot spoon rest and a cute wire tiered cupcake stand. 

I love this cake stands about 8 inches which is a bit taller than the average pedestal stand and it is a full 13 inches in diameter. 

I also wanted to show you these cute as a bug notecards that I won from Encouragement is Contagious.

Lee Ann is a very talented lady and this was her first giveaway.  She did the watercolor images for the cards and they are just gorgeous. 

I love them and thank Lee Ann for such a beautiful gift and sweet note.   She has a lovely blog, so please visit with her when you have a chance. 

Now, on to my fitness update for this week.  The train is chugging along, slowly but surely.

Week 6
  • Weight Loss - 1 pound - Total Loss - 10 pounds
  • Exercise-
    • Goal 30 minutes daily
    • Actual - 4 days 20-25 minutes
  • Nutrition - Water intake at least 48 oz daily.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cracker Barrel Porch Sale This Weekend

Cracker Barrel is having a Porch Sale this weekend, June 25-27 with items marked down 60%....this would include some of their rockers.  When the rockers get a little scuffed up and dirty, they mark them down and sell them during these sales, a couple times a year.  If you get there early enough, you can pick up a $129 rocker for about $60.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Terra Cotta Flowerpot Art

Dollywood has a great assortment of Flowerpot art, scattered around the park.  Although they look complicated, most can be built using wood blocks for dividers/spacers and rope to tie together.  Some of the standing statuary would probably require some glue and dowel rods or rebar for support. 

This guy has Chickens on his head.  He would love to join Barb's Rooster Party in August. 

Look at that big Southern hair.  Wonder what kind of product she uses?

I'm adoring M. Giraffe

Another angle of the Chicken Boy.

Going for a swing, this guy was about 10 feet off the ground in the tree tops. 

This snake is guarding all the goodies in the bakery.  They have a lot of really scrumptious items in there and he is the only thing that kept me out, which was a good thing for both of us.

This guy might be my favorite...he is black and white afterall and is just too cute.  Love his vine mane and tail.

I'm joining Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for her fun weekly party - Outdoor Wednesdays.  Thanks Susan for hosting.  Please click on the link to visit Susan and see all the wonderful posts. 

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July Fourth Prep - Things to Do - And A Glass Tabletop Warning

I'm counting down my things to do as I move forward with preparations for our Fourth of July bash.  I've posted about my food wagon idea and menu and you can see that info here.  Can you believe how quickly time flys?  Once we move into July, we are on the downward slide towards Christmas, and  all we can do is hold on and take the ride. 

I bought some wood boards yesterday and have a pattern from J&J Crafts to make an Uncle Sam for the deck.  I got the idea from Painting Thyme Needfuls, from the one she completed and has posted on her site. She does such a great job with her painting and creations and I have no doubt that mine will look no where near as professional as hers, but you can't really go wrong with red, white and blue.  I'm hoping to get him finished by the weekend.  I made some red and white pillows last year and will be making some more to bring in lots of color. 

One thing I did not expect was to have to replace or repair my patio table.  I was walking by the patio door yesterday and just as I passed, I heard a loud cracking noise and turned my head just in time to see my Martha Stewart glass tabletop shatter into thousands of tiny pieces and fall to the floor.  I Googled it, of course, and found out that this is a common occurrence for Martha Stewart and Hampton Bay (made by the same manufacturer) glass tabletops and has been a known problem since around 2000...there is some problem with the glass that is manufactured on the tables and it is not an issue of if they will shatter, but when.  Some people had it happen as they were seated around the table.  If you have one of these tables, be warned.  We were lucky, no one was on the deck at the time.  My table is about 5-6 years old.  There is no recall or replacement and apparently the companies are denying that there is a problem but the number of reported occurrences says otherwise.  If you have children and you have one of these tables, you might want to think about replacing.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet My Precious Grandbabes

I first fell completely in love with a little bundle back in January 2004.  There is no comparison that can be made to the feeling you have in the first moments when your eyes fall upon one of your sweet babies.  The love and the bond is immediately forged.  I have had this joy, four times so far and each time is special and beyond compare. 

Grandbabe 1 - Alden Brantley Staley
Alden or Aldie as well call him, is 6 years old and is full of life and energy.  He loves being a character (any character will do) and has a wide and wonderful creative imagination. 

6 Years old as Cowboy

3 years old as Superman

Grandbabe 2 - Alexis Mae Shadrick
Lexi is our 30 year old 3 year old.  She takes care of the whole family and keeps everyone in line.  She never forgets anything and has no problem holding her own with all the boys in the family. 

3 Yrs old in her Softball Uniform

2 Yrs old at Halloween

Grandbabe 3 - Connor Michael Staley
Con Man is our little Dozer and is 2 years old.  He likes to rough house and takes a straight line to everything.  If it doesn't move, he just walks right over it. 

2 yrs old at GPs Home on Mother's Day 

Grandbabe 4 - Braeden Cole Shadrick
BraeBrae or B is 5 months old and is our little sweetie.  He watches everyone and as soon as he catches  your eye, he breaks into the biggest and sweetest smile you have ever seen.  He loves to watch his sister and cousins when they are playing and running around...I think he is making mental notes. 

1 week old

4 Months Old

God has blessed us with four beautiful, interesting, funny and healthy precious bundles.  I could not love anything more. 

All The Best,
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fourth of July Celebration Party Prep - Food Wagon

I've started thinking about our July 4th celebration and planning some of my decor and food set-up.  I finished the invitations today and will be mailing them this week, since we will be indulging in one of our favored weekend getaways and I want to get them in the mail so our guests can be aware and prepared.  I already have my menu planned and have been thinking of a creative way to display the food for the best flow.   Here is what I have come up with so far. 

This is a sketch of our hay wagon, decked out with buntings and topped with a selection of drinks to desserts.  I think the size of the wagon and the set-up beginning with the drink station, progressing around to the plates and flatware, on to the hot and cold foods and ending with dessert will allow us to move a large group of people through rather quickly.  I plan to look for some other options to build differant levels so that all the food is convenient and fits in the right area....I am on the lookout for a long deep tray to hold ice and all my cold foods, so that they will stay nice and cool during our balmy (Southern speak for hotter than a firecracker) summer night.  I like the idea of a small shelf unit to store my desserts.  The buntings over the wheels will add color and serve to hide them from view somewhat. 

The menu might evolve somewhat but for now, here is what I'm planning.

Smoked baby back ribs
Hot dogs
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Corn on the Cob
Yeast rolls

Chocolate Stack Cake
Sugar Cookies
Vanilla Cupcakes
Individual Strawberry shortcake cups
Sliced Watermelon

Iced Tea
Fresh squeezed lemonade
Soft Drink Assortment

Anyone have any other ideas to make the display more functional or cute...each one is equally important. 

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Silver and Beautiful Blooms

I'm joining Silver Sunday with Gypsy Fish Journal. Please be sure to visit by clicking on the link and cast your eyes on some gorgeous Silver from around Blogland.

I have finally found a beautiful silver fan vase, after I have lusted over some of the fantasic ones that others have displayed.

I had filled my vase with a simple arrangement of Vinca Vine and a gorgeous pink Hydrangea from my garden.

The heat index has been awful over the past week, so come on in and sit under the fan with me.  I'll serve you a cool strawberry lemonade and some frosty ice cream.

All The Best,
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Fitness Update - Week #5

I want to encourage anyone who has been thinking of a healthier lifestyle to take some steps to put your changes in action.  I cannot tell you how much better I feel already.  Basically eliminating sweet drinks, white breads and pasta, and sweets along with exercising, really makes a differance in the way I feel overall.  Last weekend over the holiday, I was not as careful with what I ate and I could feel myself being weighed down and tired.  I really think that there is something within these 'unhealthy' foods that reacts with something within our systems to make us feel bad.  Come join me on this journey and tell me of your successes.  Even what we initially perceive as failures, are not in my eyes...that's life and if you get depressed about falling off the wagon, you will talk yourself into going back to your old ways.  If you can climb back on the horse, that is success.  Always keep it in a positive light and realize that there will be ups and down...expect them and you won't be surprised when they ultimately happen. 

Before I get into my status results for this week, I want to introduce you to my new love.  The UPS Man (he's not my new love...wait for it...)  knocked on my back door yesterday and delivered this wonderful package to me ...the package contained this:

The Keurig Platinum still my heart.  This is the easiest most convenient way to make coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate.  You just pop in one of these puppies, otherwise known as K cups and hit the button and you get a perfectly brewed single cup serving. 

There are no messy filters or measuring to deal with...once your cup is brewed you simply remove the K cup and drop it in the trash. More importantly and what made me decide to purchase this sweetie in the first place, there is no aftertaste if I brew differant flavors. I love flavored coffees and my husband likes a good cup of cowboy coffee...strong and black. With our old coffee maker, he would always complain about the aftertaste of any flavored coffees I would brew. Now we don't have that problem and with the many differant flavors of K Cups available, I can keep hot tea on hand for me and hot chocolate for my Daughters and Grandbabes.

If you have one of these brewers, let me know if you are loving it as well.  I have only owned mine for a day but I already am looking to name her and invite her to live with us, longterm.   

Week #5

  • Weight Loss - 1 pounds - Total Loss - 9 pounds
  • Exercise-
    • Goal 30 minutes daily
    • Actual - 2 days 20-25 minutes
  • Nutrition - Water intake at least 48 oz daily.
My daughter gave me a treadmill.  Love you Baby!!! Going to try to pick it up this weekend and I think that will go a long way in helping with the exercise.  I have also been incorporating some stretching and cardio this week....I need to really kick that up.  I started lightly and have had no sore muscles so far, so I'm going to stretch myself a bit more this week.  My Nutritionist said that sustained weightloss and lessening the plateau time is dependant upon keeping your exercise routine mixed.  That way, you are not constantly doing one single thing and your body reacts by missing or lessening the plateau weeks, during a weightloss program. 

All The Best,
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Horchows - One Day Sale Today Only - Everything 25%-30% Off

I don't know about you, but there are some beautiful items that I would love to wrap my grubby little hands around on the Horchow Website.  Checking my email this morning, I saw that they are having a one day sale with everything at 25%-30% off.  I know that we all love beautiful things and wanted to be sure that you were aware in case there is something that you have been waiting to buy, but did not want to shell out the big bucks to own.  Horchow certainly knows how to dangle those pretties in front of our eyes, but usually at a price that makes me think a few times before I cave in and pull out the debit card or leave crying. 

I have my eye on a set of these beauties...but, today is not the day.  Horchows has 3 designs and I have not decided which I love, these are bigger bucks and would be a thoughtful know the kind I many meals do I need to miss and can I sell my firstborn in order to own these babies.

Hope everyone has a great day and if you can do a little shopping, all the better. 

All The Best,
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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Picnic Time - Are You Ready To Go?

It's the time of year when I yearn for picnics.   Packing a picnic lunch and then finding just the right place to spread everything out, makes for a fun way to spend the day.  There are as many ways to enjoy dining
Al Fresco as your imagination can dream up.  Your spread can be as casual or as elegant as you'd like.   Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity.

A soft spot of grass under a stand of shady trees would make for a romantic getaway for two.

A blanket and several soft, plump pillows makes any spot idea for a relaxing meal.   Watching the clouds or indulging in a good book will make the afternoon that much sweeter.

Fill a wicker hamper and bring along some wooden chairs and a nice soft rug for a Vintage feel.  Horseback riding would be a perfect ending.

image by cotedetexas

For a family size gathering, the picnic table is much more traditional.  Sandwiches wrapped in colorful paper make for a pretty and tasty display.

Michael at Designs by Gollum has a great idea for serving a salad in a beautiful glass jar and paired with sandwiches and watermelon makes for an easy and tasty picnic lunch.  You can check out her entire post here.

B.J. at Sweet Nothings has indoor picnics with her Grandkiddies.  I'm always on the lookout for fun things to do with my Grandbabes and I think this is an excellent idea and B.J. makes it special with style.  You can check out her entire post here

Whether you pack your picnic in a cardboard box, plastic clothes hamper or a pretty wicker hamper, remember that the most important thing in having a successful picnic is to keep it simple, do it with style and have fun. 

All The Best,
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