Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crazy Weather

We were under tornado watch on Tuesday and lost power for about three hours.  The rain hit suddenly around 2pm and within five minutes, my front lawn looked like this....the rain was coming down so hard that it looked like a dense fog had rolled in. 

The weather is always a little crazy this time of year.  Today it is sunny and quite mild outside, light jacket weather.   My husband has been chafing at the bit to get the tractor out and 'play'.  I know that he does hard work when clearing some of the land and doing clean-up but I swear, I think that it is mostly playing to him as he always finds any opportunity to jump on the Deere...and he usually has a big smile on his face.  He has already taken advantage of a couple sunny days we have had, to putter around.  If Tractoring makes him happy, it puts a smile on my face too.

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WoolenSails said...

Tornados scare me, I prefer hurricanes, lol.
Stay safe this season.


Sarah said...

Looks like he'll have to wait till this dries before he gets a tractor out. Don't want him getting stuck in the mud. Hope you have some fair weather soon. ~ sarah

Kammy said...

Tornado's are scarrrrrry !
That reminds me that the season is
near ( I am knocking on wood !)
Stay safe !

Sharon said...

your hubs sounds like mine. He is wanting to get on his tractor so bad.
He told me that the snow is gone he might have to go out and level the drive. I told him to hold off a few more days as we are to get a blizzard come the first of the week.
I thought about you when I heard the news of the bad storms in your area.
I hope that you had no major damage.
Have a great weekend.

Julie Harward said...

WOW..that rain is a flood! We are still getting storms too and a bit of sun. So you have a John Deere guy huh..thats great! Loved your cake in the post below..YUMMY! ;D

Ann Nichols said...

Oh my... I remember tornado watches and warnings when I lived in Florida. Frightening! (It didn't help that I lived right next door to an air force base and every time a jet took off- well , you get the idea!) So glad you just had rain - even if lots and lots of it!
Thanks for your lovely comment! I'd love to have you come around again soon!
Blessings for a lovely Sunday!