Thursday, August 9, 2012

ROAD TRIP - Hwy 27 Yard Sale Tennessee to Kentucky

Mike and I started out on the Longest yard sale route with the intent of actually doing some yard sale stops.  We got up early on Saturday morning and packed an outfit and a toothbrush, just in case we traveled far and wide.  We stopped for breakfast and then traveled about an hour before making our first stop - our intent was to go beyond where we have normally gone in the past.  We ended up stopping only about four times, and did a lot of driving and looking around.  It was fun and not what we actually meant to do.  We drove all the way to Danville, Kentucky.  We decided to head West and hit I65 down to Nashville.

During our Saturday adventures, we passed Wolf Creek Dam and stopped to stretch our legs and take a few scenic pics.

 We drove until we lost the daylight on Saturday and spent the night in Campbellville, Kentucky.  This is where the clothes we packed came in handy.

On Sunday morning we woke up to rain.

After breakfast at the hotel, we took some backroads heading South to Nashville.  

We were hankering for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at Green Hills Mall.  

With a 21 page menu, we felt sure we could find something enjoyable.  Really?  Who has a 21 page menu?

Let them eat cheesecake.

And we did. We opted for the original with strawberries.  Yum.

Another great road trip.  Did not buy a single item at any of the yard sale stops we made.  Nothing spoke to me, so there is always next year.  Hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend.  

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Theresa said...

Girl, you have been gone WAY too long! It sure looks like a wonderful trip even if you didn't buy anything! I have days like that too! I like to look even if I don't buy!

Have a blessed day and don't be a stranger! HUGS!