Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All The Cool Bloggers Are Just Chalkin'

If you live and tour BlogLand, you know that anything can be made into a chalkboard quickly and without a lot of fuss. In addition, the majority of bloggers with an eye for home decor have multiple chalkboards.

Chalkboard Trays

Chalkboard Doors

Chalkboard Cupboard/Pantry

Chalkboard Pots

Chalkboard Walls

There's probably even a Chalkboard Hubby out there somewhere, with a qrocery list scrawled across his chest...milk, eggs, butter.

I found a great item to use with the various chalkboards, that is much more bright and colorful than normal chalk...can't be rubbed off (My Grandbabes think that you write something on the chalkboard just so they can wipe it off immediately)...and is removed easily with water. This product is used by Starbucks and other retailers on their chalkboards and is called Chalk Ink. Here are a couple boards showcasing the vibrant colors.

These have already been added to my shopping list for the weekend.

All the best,
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marty39 said...

Some really great examples of the chalkboards out there. Very cute. Hugs, Marty

southerninspiration said...

Oh, those just fit perfectly into the school supply category that I confessed today to love......oh, girl, those are SO cool. I guess I need to make me a cutesy chalkboard now!! Thanks!