Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When is a Dresser so much more?

I am on the lookout for a sideboard for my dining room...in the meantime, I found a dresser that I will be using. I forgot to take a before picture of the entire dresser, but I do have the ghastly drawers....the piece was not in the best of condition and I had to make a few structural repairs before painting. I picked this up at GW for $14. The front was covered with Spiderman stickers, so I had to pull out the Goo Gone and go to work.

I love the hardware that was on the dresser, so decided to reuse. I first spray painted in silver.

I needed to tone down the silver and pick up the wonderful shape of the handles. I used black acrylic craft paint...covered the handle and wiped off the excess.

Here is a picture of the differance in the pure silver vs. antiqued finish.

After the paint dried, I put on a finish of clear spray acrylic.

She's certainly not perfect and has seen some abuse in her lifetime...but I think she cleaned up real well and her battlescars just add to her beauty.

Still on the lookout for that perfect piece that I see in my mind. Maybe tomorrow or next week I'll find it but for now, little blackie works just fine.

All the best,

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southerninspiration said...

Oh girl, look at you in all your gorgeousness!! I think you made little blackie a queen for the day....she definitely is shining because of the TLC you gave her....That corner is just stunning!
love, love, love it!


southerninspiration said...

meant to add that your idea for antiquing the hardware was brilliant!


Traci said...

She's beautiful and perfect! Love what you did with the handles. I will have to keep that in mind.
Thanks for sharing,

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

It looks super and I love the way you finished the handles. What a lot of storage. Super. I really love the vignette you have arranged on top also. Such a great piece. Hugs, Marty

Kim said...

That turned out beautifully. I especially love the close ups of the handles. What a difference in that before and after. I'm impressed. Thank you for sharing.