Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Are You Doing On Christmas Eve Eve??

I'm about to begin another workday and wanted to get in a quick post first. My week started out on Monday with a day at the hospital and the birth of my 4th GB, Braeden Cole, who will be known to me as B. On Tuesday, it was back to work and creative thinking to be prepared to fit in baby visits daily and finish my baking....two sweet things that must be done. Out of that creative thinking came the realization and I am going to have to pull some very late nighters and early mornings this week, and so I have begun.  Who needs sleep anyway????
I'm thinking that there are a lot of tables across Blogland and probably the whole US of A that look like this right now.  Note the slightly overdone cookies located back left....I might have to eat some of those.

When lunch time rolls around today, I will be making Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and boxing up my Goodies for a Bake Swap at the New Mommies house tonight. It's a family affair that we do every year, My Mom, Sister and my two Girls...tonight, we are having beef vegetable soup and sweet baby along with assorted sprinkles of my 3 other Grandbabes. Sounds like I'll be on sweet overload before the night is over and without even opening a cookie box.

Hope your day is busy and productive or restful and reflective, depending on how much you have to do today. I'm thinking that a lot of you are also having a cup of this and getting ready for what the day brings, I know that is my mode for today. I just noticed my trusty magnifying glass in the background for those very early mornings where my eyes have not come awake yet and all is fuzzy and the small print is not too clear.....if you are a certain age, you know exactly what I mean....if you don't have one of these handy, get one - they are life savers.

All the best,

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Shirley said...

I am baking cookies today and maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow night (Christmas Eve I am going to my son and daughter-in-laws house. I've always had the Christmas Eve party in the past but with the two young children it is easier to go their so they are at home if they get too tired. So I'll load my car up about 6pm tomorrow and go there. (about half hour away).

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I agree with you ~ sleep is over-rated and destroy the evidence of the overcooked cookies {even if it means you have to eat them}! It seems like the hours in a day are even less this week, if that is possible. I have two of those magnifiers. I call them my reading glasses! I seem to need them more and more for reading everything now. Have a great time with your family and your sweet grandchildren!

Julie Harward said...