Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Fitness Update - Week # 2

I have not only fallen off the wagon this past week, but it has plumb run over me. 

The heck you say !!!!!

My problem this week and hence the wagon analogy, concerns my exercise - I have only exercised one time this week. Horror of horrors, someone needs to beat me with a stick. Obviously, my main goal going into Week 3 is to get back on the horse and get my exercise routine back on track.

There is no despair here...just one of the ups and downs of changing my lifestyle.  I know that it will be a bumpy road and I won't worry unless I mess up on all points involved with these changes.  I'm still doing very well with being more aware of what I eat and cutting back on high fat and starchy foods, sweet drinks etc.  I've had one sweet tea and no fast food this week. 
Week 2 Update:
Weight  - Lost 1 pound  (Total 4 pounds)
Exercise Goal - 30 mins daily
           Exercise Actual - In the shame category
Nutrition - Sticking to my guns but still working on the daily water intake

Anyone want to join me in this journey, feel free to join in with your thoughts and successes.  Encouragement is the key to victory.

All The Best,
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Julie Harward said...

After my recent surgery, I am just getting my strength back and it feels so good to be out walking again! Good luck with it all, it is hard but you can do it! :D

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Consider yourself wacked on the behind with my big exercise stick! And just so you don't feel alone, my Shredding Sisters and I are behind you. I've exercised most days this week and have done fairly well on the nutrition end of it. Water -- Well, I try to drink as much as possible at home in the morning before I head off to work (because I always forget it throughout the day). That works for me!!

Good luck. Good loss so far!

southerninspiration said...

i am with you.....We did walk about a hundred miles in NYC, but I also ate whatever I wanted.......back to the grind, hopefully.


Valerie said...

My husband and I try to exercise 4 days a week. We were diligent for 3 years then abruptly stopped before Christmas (no good reason) - just getting back into the habit. Your posts inspire me to get with it.

I find if I add a few slices of cucumber or lemon to a pitcher of water, I'm more inclined to consume large amounts H2O.

Monique said...

I am so with you! I am losing weight right now and the hardest part for me (besides getting my lazy butt off the couch!) has been drinking all this water. I'm just not used to drinking that much liquid anything!
Congrats on the weight loss!