Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kindle Wonderfulness and a Free Diet Book

One present that Santa brought me for Christmas, was a Kindle Fire.  You rock Santa!!!  I thought I would love it and have found that it is loved by my whole family. My daughters visited several times during the holidays which is not at all unusual, but they somehow always ended up with my Kindle, playing Words with Friends.  It's like, "Hello Mom.  Where's your Kindle?"  My Grandbabes want to play Angry Birds all the time and they pass the Kindle back and forth based on set time limits so there is no fighting....15 mins each and it goes to the next GB and then back around again.  I'm teaching them time management, so it's all educational !

This photo might make you think that Alden is not enjoying his time with Angry Birds.  He's not disappointed, or angry, it's just his normal 7 year old picture face.   He turns 8 later this month, so maybe I'll start seeing a picture face other than the mean face...either way, I'll take it. 

I'm a huge entertainment nut so the Kindle Fire serves my needs by allowing me to watch movies, read books and listen to Audio addition, I can surf the Web via my WiFi connection.  This is a great little product and I am loving it.  I often take my iPod to listen to audio books as I go to bed and very often fall asleep and have to wake up and turn it off.  My Kindle has a sleep timer that I can set starting at 15 mins, so I don't have to wake up to turn it off, if I drift off to sleep. 
Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
Today, Amazon has a free Kindle download for The Perfect 10 Diet.  This is another great thing about any of the Kindles as Amazon frequently has free downloads for anything from fiction, romance, cookooks etc.  Since it is the New Year and we are kind of obligated to make an 'eat more healthy' resolution, this would be the perfect way to start.  I have not read this yet, so have no feedback at this time to share but wanted to pass this along as the free download won't last long. 

Anyone else get a Kindle for Christmas or have one already.  How do you use your Kindle??

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Sharon said...

My grandkids each got one so I will have to see if they can get me the diet book.
Love that cute little face!!
I hope that you will still have time to blog.LOL

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I got a Kindle Fire too and I LOVE it! It is in my purse right now! lol I have to admit...I am addicted to Angry Birds!! lol

Merry Christmas to us!

Lou Cinda

Theresa said...

My Sister got one for Christmas and is REALLY enjoying it:) Hope you have a wonderfully blessed 2012! BIG HUGS!