Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Darth Vader slept with me last night

Alden loves spending the night at Jammi and Mike's house (The GBs have always called my husband by his first name...we tried Gramps, but Mike has always stuck). Alden is here often, so we are always on the lookout for ways to make his visit fun, exciting and memorable. Last night, we pulled out the glow sticks, which he calls Light Sabers....yes, we are both Star Wars fans. We use a lot of glow sticks at our house...all the Grandbabes are hooked on them. We use them to play in the dark outside and inside, I throw them on the ground during our night time events where they look great, until the kids pick them up and run around like crazy people (did I mention that kids love glow sticks) and because Alden is not fond of really dark places, we took a stash of 2 inch glowsticks to Disney World last year so that he would be able to crack one open in the dark rides. They worked like a charm.

Before we went to sleep on the cloud, (Jammi's and Mike's big, soft, kingsize bed) we turned off all the upstairs lights and played with the light sabers. We played a throwing game by seeing who's Light Saber could be thrown the longest distance down the hall...he had a pink and green one and mine was orange. Afterwards, we had a light saber duel and then on to the cloud, where I propped up some pillows and pulled the sheet over him and the pillows, to make him a small cozy cave, where he kept his Light Sabers until he fell asleep.
If you have never played with your Grandbabes or your children with Glow Sticks, go forth and make the purchase...they will love them.
All the Best,
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southerninspiration said...

Oh, How fun Jammi!!! you're such a fun grammie!