Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Small Town Life In The Beautiful Sequatchie Valley

I often find myself feeling inconvenienced by living in a rural area. There is no Starbucks right around the corner, the nearest corner is actually 40 minutes away. Walmarts are everywhere, but the closest one to me is 20 minutes away. There is no way you can go a block in most places without passing a fast food restaurant....we have a Hardees and a Subway...10 minutes away.

Small town living means that you know a lot of people in the community. TV would lead you to believe that everyone knows your business and that is not true....but it is close...there's always someone's sisters - uncles - grandfathers - cousin (twice removed) who knows you and will pass along the really big things like an accident or cheating on a spouse....so, it is true that there are few secrets. The two funeral homes in town keep the population notified of those who have passed on, by posting names of the departed on their respective signs, along with the date and time of the service. And, irregardless of the rumors, we are not all related....fifth cousins do not count ;-).
Just like living anywhere else, big city or small town, there is good and bad. Some of the really good for me, is the beautiful scenery in my Valley.

Wildflower field Old rusted abandoned bridge across the Sequatchie RiverNo floorboards.

Indian Mound Cave on the Valley floor...hard to see, but it is right in the middle of the clump of trees.

Fox that I caught on camera while crossing our field

Inside the stables at Linder Farm.
Snowy morning on Suck Creek Mountain
Picture of my Grandpa Roosevelt in his tomato patch. Miss you Grandpa.
Pott Pointe House in the Tennessee River Gorge
Deer in my back yard.
Just a few of my favorite images around the Valley. Bet you have some of your hometown too. Would love to see some of your special images.

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