Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's Home Alone (but not really)

Alden has a series of movies that are his favorites. The way this child watches movies is not from beginning to end, so don't panic...he is not constantly in front of the TV....he only has certain scenes that he likes. Currently, he is on a Home Alone binge...he likes to watch both HA1 and HA2, but he is very specific about which he wants to watch and when. I have to question him to make sure I put the right one in the DVD. The conversation goes something like this.

Alden "Jammi, I want to watch Home Alone."

Me "Which one, the one where Marv steps on the nail (HA1) or the one where Kevin throws the bricks (HA2)?

At which point Alden decides and lets me know his preference....he usually end up watching both, but he doesn't always watch them in order, HA1 first and then HA2. For HA1, I have to forward to the chapter where Kevin goes to the church and meets the Southbend Shovel Slayer in person.....for HA2, I have to forward to the chapter where Kevin is racing along to the New York apartment where he devises his cool plan to lure Harry and Marv to their doom.

Alden has a very cool imagination and he acts out the movies as they are occurring. Have I mentioned that I love this kid, he keeps me in stitches much of the time. We had to draw up the plans to thwart those evil bad guys, so Alden can help Kevin out...we have the plans for booby trapping from both movies and let me tell you, they are now well worn....my home is also appropriately booby trapped, but then again, isn't every domicile?

When he is on a binge with Night at the Museum, we have a set of the instructions that Cecil leaves with Larry on his first night alone, as well as a set of my vintage keys that Alden uses and of course, his long black flashlight. We have not yet figured out how to duplicate Ahkmenrah's tablet. This movie, he will watch from beginning to end.
Lexi and Connor have not yet gotten to the age where they play so vividly...with Lexi, she likes Dollhouse and having tea parties...Connor, just likes to climb on the steps and have someone haul him off about 200 times in a 5 minute span. I can't wait to see what we get into with these two nutheads.
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southerninspiration said...

Oh, what imagination! He sounds adorable. Did you get your box????


Traci said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for adding my button to your sidebar and following me! Your name has been added TWICE to all 5 of my weekly "Christmas in July" drawings.